Every Friday She Goes To See Her Tattoo Artist For A “Special” Tattoo

Helping someone to feel like they are an equal can make a huge difference in their lives — and they will be happier and more confident as a result. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make someone feel like they are your equal. If it’s easy to do, why wouldn’t you do it?Recently, tattoo artist Jason Ward has been getting a lot of love as a result of his efforts to help a very special woman with Down Syndrome feel like she is equal. Every week, Suzie Barry comes to his shop with a special request — a tattoo! Her tattoos are stick on, so no needle is involved, but Jason treats her just as he would any other client — gloves and all!!

Suzie says that Jason makes her feel “equal” when he puts the tattoos on her.


“The first time I met this lady, she walked in to our studio and asked me to apply some stick-on tattoos for her, and I obliged. Since that day, she has come in at the same time every Friday. I have had clients I have been tattooing when she comes in, and asked them if they are happy to break while I take 5 minutes out of my day to keep her smiling.”

Jason goes on to say that his goal is to make someone smile everyday. What an amazing goal to have! More people should adopt this mindset.



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