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Dillon Huge Crash

i think so many coincidences with this one, the fact of Dale winning this race at Daytona, when the Race that killed his father he came in 2nd and the car that hit Austin after he was already upside down was the number 2. Plus the obviousness of Austin driving the number 3. Just a

Every Friday She Goes To See Her Tattoo Artist For A “Special” Tattoo

Helping someone to feel like they are an equal can make a huge difference in their lives — and they will be happier and more confident as a result. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make someone feel like they are your equal. If it’s easy to do, why wouldn’t you do it?Recently, tattoo artist Jason

Some Shocking Facts About The Airplanes

I don’t have the opportunity to fly very often, so when I do, it’s an exciting adventure because it means I am actually traveling somewhere. I understand that lots of people don’t like flying, but that’s usually more about how they feel on the plane, and their issues with the movement and concept of not

Volvo Extreme Gravity Car

(from Volvo Press Release) Don’t let the curvaceous body fool you, the Volvo Extreme Gravity Car is all about speed – in a straight line. It’s also designed to be “human centric” as Doug Frasher, Senior Strategic Designer at Volvo Cars, describes the highly stylized soap-box-derby racecar. “In most derby cars, the human form is

Top Female Surfers

The life of a surfer isn’t just about bleached blond hair and overusing the word “dude.” While the stereotypical surfer is laid back, the extreme sport of surfing includes riding some dangerously big waves at high speeds.The male surfers have generally performed better on the tides, but it’s the females that have attracted more eyes

Handles It Like A Boss

Lexi Daniels attended the JUMP Dance Convention in Pittsburgh, PA and was given her moment to shine when WilldaBeast let her take the floor and dance. He was so impressed with her he took a pic with her and put it on his Instagram leaving this message: “Everything I love about dance. Had to call

Morgan Motor Company-AERO 8

Lightweight, powerful and effortlessly stylish, the new Aero 8 is a true British sports car. This, the most refined Aero product to date, is a fitting evolution of Morgan’s most technologically advanced range of vehicles.The return to open top motoring is one that brings with it new opportunity; a chance to become part of your

Playful New Murals and Paintings

With a keen sense of humor and superb control of a spray can, Swiss artist Remo Lienhard (aka Wes21) covers both walls and canvases with his playful sythesis of science fiction and the natural world. The artist imagines a hybrid spaceship ladybug as it blasts into the sky and pair of airborne lighthouses are revealed

World’s Dirtiest Man

80-year-old Haji believes that “cleanliness brings him sickness.” That’s why he hasn’t bathed at all in the past 60 years. He lives in isolation in Dejgah village, in the Southern Iranian province of Fars. Haji hates contact with water. Even the suggestion of a bath makes him very angry. And all these years of escaping

Comparing Pitstops

Work in the pitstop during the race brings a lot of stress. A car is necessary as soon as possible to return on track and the teams are working hard to not lose time. However, this varies from series to series. In Formula 1, much depends on pitstop while at Le Mans situation is much